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Shadow Puppets - August 19th!

06/27/02 I started up a site ring for Ender's Game. If you have a website about the Ender series, or you know someone who does, go to the bottom of this page and click on join to participate in the site ring, and bring Ender fans together.
06/27/02 If you are having trouble finding the first three chapters of Shadow Puppets, or have no idea what I am talking about, click here.
06/27/02 I need to know what you guys want to see on this site. I'm out of ideas. Email me any suggestions or comments. Email me here.
06/26/02 I just started the Movie page, so the link to the left will finally work. It's got some good info, so check it out. I'm going to start deleting some of the updates from the beginning because the homepage is too big, and takes too long to load. So don't be worried if old updates start dissapearing.
06/24/02 Lyrics are up for No Use For A Name's "Why Doesn't Anybody Like Me" and Ash Can Painter's "Ender". Check them out in the Songs section.
06/24/02 I added a new poll. Check it out. Hopefully I can make up a Children of the Mind quiz, and get the lyrics for the songs that I have online. That's all for now.
06/24/02 And we're back. I've decided to start up the site again. There is going to be lots of stuff happening in the future, and we need a good website to let everyone know what's going on. I need your help. Email me anything you have to go on the site. Reviews, articles, etc. My new email is lessthannick@canada.com.
11/14/01 Sorry guys, I haven't had many updates lately. I've been pretty busy, and I've been thinking about closing down the site. But I don't want to do that. So if anyone out there has HTML experience and would like to help with the site, email me. Mostly, you'll just be updating the site. If anyone has new content, send it to me.
11/06/01 I put up a new song. It's called "Why Doesn't Anybody Like Me" by No Use For a Name. I don't know if it is a song about Ender, but there are so many different parts in the song that fit with the story. I'll put the lyrics up for it later, probably tomorrow.
10/25/01 So the Children of the Mind quiz didn't happen, but I got something even better. Someone emailed me asking for something about Orson Scott Card. This person said that it would make me different from other sites because other sites don't have that kind of thing. So I wrote up a little biography on OSC, and I am going to post it tonight, hopefully. That's all for now.
10/22/01 Today is a good day for me. I'm proud to announce I got my 1000th visitor to the site. Very cool. I wasn't really thinking, so I don't have any big celebration planned. Children of the Mind quiz might be up tonight though, if your lucky.
10/19/01 I got an email from a University student named Nicole who is looking for ideas for an Ender's Game computer game that she must design a rough layout for in a classs at school. Any ideas, hints, or ways to shape the game can be emailed to her at matsudai@usc.edu. Or you could just reply to the thread she made in the forum.
10/17/01 Well again I won an award. This one is pretty prestigous too. The Golden Web Award 2001/2002. Check it out. Also Andy Weatherby answered the two questions late. He too got both right. Congrats.
10/08/01 Okay well the total number of people to answer the questions: 1. That's terrible. There were lots of people who came to the site, I guess you just didn't know the answers. The only person to answer, who also got the correct answers, was Joy. Congratulations. If anyone has questions and answers for a quiz about Children of the Mind, email them to me. That's all for now.

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