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Ender's Game Reviews

In general I thought that Ender's Game was a fair book. I thought it was good in comparison to other novels I have read, such as Jurassic Park, but it was not as good as them. Right when I began the book my attention was instantly caught and held for quite some time. After a while, however, I noticed that the book began to drag along and get somewhat boring. I liked how the story had taken place in space. I thought it was interesting that the training station was isolated by a black mass. Space also sent out the message of loneliness and isolation, the kind Ender experienced away from his family. I also felt that loneliness played a large part in the conflicts and in Ender's development.

However I did not like the writer's style because it was not the kind I am used to reading. Most of the books I have read had detailed descriptions of the characters so that I could visualize them perfectly, but in this book, I could not. Also the story did not explain things like I had expected it to. In this book the author gave descriptions, so that he got his point across, but did not seem to elaborate on them. Also, I did not like how the author kept setting Ender up in his training. I know that the writer intended to strengthen Ender as a warrior and a commanding genius but it seemed cruel. Card kept putting Ender in hostile environments where he was the outcast, and he had to keep trying to fit in.

Most science-fiction lovers will like this book, as will war lovers, for the book's future setting and the strategic military plot. If a person is a lover of romantic or humorous novels, this is more than likely the type of book he should stay away from. Although I liked the book, I would not want to read this book again because I found it did not fulfill all of my expectations. If it were made into a movie it would probably be better, with the inclusion of the visual effects and the dialogue.

After reading this book, I started to appreciate the fact that I had friends and family who love me. I realized how much I would have missed them if I had been Ender, so I took advantage of my privilege. I got to know friends better and started to do things with my family again. So, in a sense, I am glad that I read the book.

Book Review by: Scott Moretz 04/96

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