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Children of the Mind Reviews

The fourth and final book in the Ender Saga, Children of the Mind is again a magnificent book. Beginning right where Xenocide ends (indeed, it is like turning a page in the same book), Children brings to a conclusion the events which have swept across the three other books.

Of main attention in this book are the two spawn of Ender's thought, replicas of Ender's brother Peter and his sister Valentine. Although in outward appearance they were exactly like the Peter and Valentine of Ender's childhood, they are only replicas of Peter and Valentine as Ender saw them as a child. The fearsome and sadistic murderer Peter and the always loving, caring Valentine were in fact quite different from the true Peter and Valentine.

Events come to a head, and the Hive Queens, the Pequininos, and the humans of Lusitania are threatened with extinction, an experimental technology their only hope.

This book was simply awesome. The writing was so good that for a while I lost myself in the world of Ender. And I must admit that even I cried when Ender died.

I enjoyed this book more than Speaker for the Dead and Xenocide, but not as much as Ender's Game. Children related back to Ender's Game much more than the other two, and I felt that really brought a sense of closure to the whole saga. Although this is labeled the final Ender book, I would not be surprised to see a fifth novel sometime in the future, as many of the plotlines were never really brought to a close. Whatever the outcome, Children of the Mind was simply outstanding.

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