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Ender's Game Quiz

1) What is Colonel Graff's first name?

2) What does I.F. stand for?

3) What body part of Bernard did Ender break?

4) What caught Ender and carried him to the End of the World?

5) Where did Ender's family move to?

6) What was Valentines principal's name?

7) Where was Dink Meeker born?

8) Where was Bonzo Madrid from?

9) What was Ender's Mother's religion?

10) Who invited Ender to Battle School?

11) What two aliases did Ender use to send messages in the Launch Group?

12) What was Ender's first army?

13) Who was Ender's Toon Leader in Rat Army?

14) What army did Ender command?

15) Who taught Ender at Command School?

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